Legends Wood Bat Baseball League

Legendary Adult Baseball™ in Metro Portland

Welcome to the Portland area's premier fast pitch hardball league for mature players.

Legends Wood Bat Baseball League is for purists who love the true crack of a wood bat on a baseball.  This is genuine, fast pitch hardball.  We play on regulation, full size fields which are well maintained, groomed and lined.  All games are in metro Portland.

This is a 40 & Over league.  Your "league age" is your age as of December 31 of the current year.  Most games are on Sunday afternoon.  Our season runs May through August, culminating in a September playoff tournament.

Legends Wood Bat Baseball League is now holding registration for the upcoming season. There are two types of registration, one for individual 'free agents' and one for teams.

'Free Agent' Registration

Individual player registration - for new players or any 'free agents' not currently on a team - is on now.  Fill out our  Individual Registration Form.  We will send you information about the draft process after receiving your registration.  You will not be charged upon submitting this form, and you are under no obligation by submitting it.

Team Registration

If you are a manager (head coach) of an adult baseball team, and you are interested in joining our league, we would love to speak with you.  C
all the league office at 503-941-0037 for details.

Quiz Question:
What's wrong with the picture below?


So, what is wrong with this classic picture?

You're not in the picture!  That's what is wrong.

You have thought about playing again for years.
Well, this is the year, and this is the season,
and this is the time to sign up.

Baseball - it's the nation's pastime.
And it's past time you stepped up to the plate.

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Legends Wood Bat Baseball League is operated by Wood Bat Baseball, LLC

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