Northern Kentucky

Wood Bat Baseball 

Sandlot Baseball for Seasoned Players

NKY Wood Bat Baseball is for middle-aged baseball purists who love the true crack of a wood bat on a baseball.

This is not a league.  It is genuine Sandlot baseball - pickup games - played weekly on the grounds of the Bellevue Veterans Club.  We get together, choose up sides, and revel in the nation's pastime.

We ask for donations rather than charge a fee to play.

Ground Rules:
+ This is not a league. This is a weekly "pickup" game.
+ We play wood bat baseball. No metal or composite bats.
+ Please bring a glove. You are welcome to wear rubber cleats.
+ Our games are congenial. No raising of voices about anything.
+ Batting helmets must be worn whenever you are in the batter's box.
+ We need everyone to retrieve foul balls so we don't lose them.
+ Leave the grounds in as good or better shape than we found them.

To find out about our next Sandlot game, visit our:

Quiz Question:

What's wrong with the picture below?

So, what is wrong with this classic picture?

You're not in the picture!  That's what is wrong.
You have thought about playing again for years.
Well, this is the year, and now is the time.

It's the nation's pastime.
And it's past time you stepped up to the plate.

Northern Kentucky Wood Bat Baseball is affiliated with Bellevue Veterans Club, Inc.

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